Naruto vs Goku: Who Will Win In A Fight? 


Goku is the main character of 'Dragon Ball' and is the strongest mortal in his universe as well as the rest of the multiverse.

Naruto is the main character of 'Naruto' and is the strongest Shinobi in the entirety of the five nations..

Goku and Naruto both are extremely powerful and it is hard to determine who would win in a battle between the two. 

Goku has the ultra instinct mode in which all of his senses get heightened and his body reacts with a speed that is greater than anything. 

Using this mode, Goku goes on a defensive mode and can deflect attacks from anyone and everyone. Naruto, on the other hand, has Baryon mode as his strongest. 

Based on the specs of the two fighters, ultra instinct is stronger than Baryon mode. In addition to that, Naruto's full power has the ability to destroy the entire world. 

However, when Goku and Beerus were sparring, their fight caused disturbances in the entire universe. This is when Goku was not using his full power or was even close to using it. 

This proves that whilst Naruto is undoubtedly one of the strongest fighters in the anime world, Goku would easily win in a fight between the two fighters. 

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