Neil Patrick Harris Returns As Barney Stinson To HIMYM Spinoff


Here is a 'legendary'  news for HIMYM fans. Neil Patrick Harris is returning as Barney in the  HIMYM spin off. 

Harris would return to his character in the season 2 premiere of How I Met Your Father; He will play a pivotal role in the spinoff series. 

Sophie crashes into a luxury SUV  in the episode Cool and Chill, and the person coming out of the car is Barney Stinson.  

The character calls out dude and shrugs as the bumper falls off the Audi on to the sidewalk. 

The creators of the show have confirmed that Barney is not father to Sophie as it would be weird to have a teen dad story. 

Harris was part of the series How I Met Your Mother for nine seasons.  He was a easy going womanizer with  commitment issues. 

In HIMYM, Barney divorces Robin after three years of marriage and has a baby girl with a stranger.  The baby girl changed Barney forever as he tells in a monologue in the HIMYM finale. 

Cobie Smulders had a cameo in the season 1 finale of HIMYF. She reprised her role as Robin Scherbatsky., who was now married to Ted Mosby. 

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