Netflix Leak Labels Henry Cavill a ‘Misogynist Toxic Gamer’


It has been months since Henry Cavill was announced that he was leaving the Netfilx show 'The Witcher'. However new news have surfaced against the mutated killer. 

A long text recently surfaced on Twitter that character assasinated the DC universe former Superman.  The text was in the form of messages.

It started as  "sure, tell me what happened" and below it unravelled the Henry's tale at 'The Witcher' set. It claimes that Henry was not a "team player" but was fine to work with in the begining.

"But in season 2 and 3, something shifted, and he became really impossible for women to work with," the text stated. And it claimed it was worse as the showrunner was a woman.

The text says Henry changed the storylines last minute. He did not want to do shirtless scenes or romantic scenes. 

"it was disrespectful and toxic at the same time". And the text claimed that it got worse over time.

Herny's video game love is known to all but the message calls him a gaming addict that eventually started affecting his work.

"Netflix was tired of him costing them money with delay in HR investigations." In totality the message was evidently trying to insinuate that Henry Cavill was forced out of the show.

Liam Hemsworth will replace Henry as Gerald in 'The Witcher'.

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