Netflix To Curtail The Password Sharing Function


Streaming giant Netflix are pushing to curtail the password sharing function within households and limit account sharing this year.

The platform charges extra fees for users to use the streaming service outside the home for extended periods of time.

The company has shared details of its plans to limit in-house experiences, experimenting with higher subscription costs in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Streaming service providers are reportedly asking users to provide their primary location information through television.

Our television will set the primary locations. When we’ll sign into our account, we’ll be instantly connected to our Wi-Fi network. All other devices signed into that account on that Wi-Fi network will be linked to your primary location

To ensure device’s connectivity to the primary location, user should connect to Wi-Fi, or keep accessing the Netflix app or website, and at least he watches every 31 days.

In case there’s no primary location or a television, the primary location will be the user’s IP address, device ID, and activity.

If the users attempt to log into their accounts from a location different from their prime location, their access will be blocked.

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