Nia Long Questions Why She Wasn't Considered For ‘Avatar’ Over Zoe Saldana


Nia Long is well-known for her flawless performances on screen in all these years but she has a few questions that went unanswered.

While speaking to The Cut recently, Long was questioned how she feels after being overlooked for roles as she has appeared in many sequels.

Long said that she has been ignored in some situations. She addressed a few moments including the one where she was not considered for a role in Avatar.

Nia said that Zoe Saldana played her role perfectly. However, she mentioned that her name was not even discussed and that directors always know who they want to cast.

Nia Long also said that she has been a big fan of Avatar and she would love to do one film in the future because it is magical and beautiful.

Nia was asked if she had to audition for her roles and she replied that it never happened. She said that she would have done it if needed.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, she said that she feels grateful to have worked in all these years and that she is inspired by the projects that are on her way.

Nia Long last appeared as Grace in the screenlife thriller film, Missing, which was released on January 20, 2023 and it received positive reviews from critics.

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