Nicki Minaj: Top 5 Controversies Of The 'Queen Of Rap'

Nicki Minaj: Top 5 Controversies Of The 'Queen Of Rap'

The Fight With Cardi-B:      In 2018, during the New York Fashion Week, Nicki Minaj and Cardi-B were at loggerheads which fueled their beef further.

The Miley Cyrus Feud:        During the 2015 MTV VMAs, Minaj called out Miley for mocking her in the press while receiving the "Best Hip-Hop Video." Cyrus stated that media manipulated her statement.  

The Vaccine Controversy:        In 2021, when vaccines came as an immunity shield to the corona virus, Nicki Minaj joined the debate from the anti-vaxxers side. She even alleged that her cousin "became impotent" due to vaccine. She received a lot of flak.

The 'Yikes' Controversy:     In 2020, Nicki shared a snippet of her song 'Yikes,' which  referred to Rosa Parks, an eminent figure in the Civil Rights Movement. A lyric said, "All you b****es Rosa Parks, get your a** up." She created a stir during Black History Month.

Kenneth Petty, Minaj's husband:     In 2019, Nicki introduced her beau Kenneth Petty. Petty and Minaj have known each other since Queens days. However, he had a problematic past of rape accusations, manslaughter. She got a lot of backlash.

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