Nicolas Cage Says He Doesn’t Need The MCU Because He’s Nic Cage


Nicolas Cage is not planning to join the MCU and he has his own reasons. Marvel fans remember him playing the lead role in the Ghost Rider films.

Cage was questioned about superhero movies while he went recently went to the Miami Film Festival and he was also a recipient of the Variety Legend & Groundbreaker Award.

While he spoke to Variety, he said that he will be nice towards Marvel movies because he named himself after a Stan Lee character named Luke Cage.

He added that he understands about the frustration and that he is seeing movies like Tar. He mentioned that he is also watching a lot of artistic and independently driven movies and there is a lot of room for everyone.

Cage was also questioned if he would ever join the MCU and he responded by saying that he does not need to be in the MCU as he is Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas portrayed the role of Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider films and his performance was also praised. But a third film never happened and Cage once stated that he is done playing the role.

Nicolas Cage will next appear in the comedy horror film, Reinfeld, which is scheduled for release on April 14, 2023.

Nicolas is known for his appearances on various films like The Rock, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Family Man, Knowing, The Wicker Man, Joe, Pig and more.

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