The video promoting the AMC theatres featuring Nicole Kidman has become a fan favorite online. It has been a year since the advertisement was screened at the theatres.

The video showcases Kidman as a hooded figure emerging from the dark and rainy night sky and stepping into a puddle in stilettos. She is dressed in a pinstriped suit as she enters the theatre.

The AMC ad has literally become the source for memes, parodies, Halloween costumes and prints on T-shirts. The video had become a sensation at the very release, received with applause and recitals.

The ad also had its iconic line, now a mantra everyone knows, "Somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this." At the first screening of the ad, a mystery man had risen to his feet and saluted the actor while rendering this dialogue.

The popularity of the AMC Theatre ad has become complete with the 48th season of Saturday Night Live creating a spoof of the video. Chloe Fineman nailed the Nicole Kidman impression in her SNL performance.

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