‘NieR: Automata’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About 2B


10 ) 2B isn't human. The anime is set in a different world and the characters aren't human but are Androids!

9) 2B is sexualized by many players, but she has never once allowed a player to peak. Whenever a player tries, the camera angle turns and they are unable to look. 

8) 2B is very cold and emotionless. Although she may be cold and emotionless, she is not completely devoid of feelings and has some sort of warm feelings toward 9S. 

7) Her voice actor from the game is very famous. She is Kira Buckland and she has voiced many anime characters in English Dub

6) Her name is a reference. Her name is a reference to a Shakespeare quote, To be or not to be.

5) 2B hated killing 9S. Although due to her mission, 2B killed 9S and erased his memories, she hated doing this as she got attached to him.

4) The blindfolds 2B aren't blindfolds. The blindfold that all the Androids wear aren't blindfolds but are military visors and may help them see more than they can with their eyes. 

 3) The blindfolds 2B wears has a symbolic meaning. The blindfolds or the military visors have a symbolic meaning. They show that the Androids are blind to the truth. 

2) 2B killed 9S 48 times. To prevent 9S from finding out the truth, 2B killed him multiple times. 

1) 2B's real name is YoRHa No.2 Type B (Battle). She is an android that is created solely for combat.

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