Olivia Dunne Sizzles In Figure-Hugging New Year Dress


One of the richest college gymnasts in the States, Olivia Dunne has become a social media star.

Olivia has garnered around five million followers on TikTok and two million followers on Instagram giving the fans a glimpse of her extravagant life

Olivia Dunne has been practicing gymnastics since her childhood. She is a part of Louisiana's LSU Tigers.

NCAA did not permit any athlete to use their name and brand to earn money, but after 2021, the rule did not exist, and she was signed with WME Sports.

After signing the deal, she has an active wear brand deal which has already made her a millionaire. The 20-year-old star wants to become an example for young girl athletes telling them that they are more than just their sport

Olivia said that it is an interesting time for women athletes and the changes at NIL has boosted the opportunities for them, because lack of it in the professional leagues.

However, she has been criticized for the lifestyle she is portraying on social media being a young sports personality

On the New Year's Day, Olivia Dunne posted a picture in a black, sequinned dress looking like a disco ball captioning "Mirror mirror on the wall, will 2023 be the best year of all?"

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