Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis' Ex-Nanny Sues Them Over Their Breakup


If Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis did not have it rough with Olivia cheating on Jason with popular singer Harry Styles, the  parents were recently sued by their ex-nanny Ericka Genaro.

The former nanny has even previously spoken freely about Olivia and Jason's relationship. Subsequently, their crumbling relationship was the reason of her anxiety and stress.

Ericka Genaro was hired by Olivia and Jason as a nanny for their two children, Otis Alexander and Daisy Josephine Sudeikis.

Ericka was under their employment from 2018 and 2021 and in these three year the nanny was apparently crushed in the family fued.

Olivia became busy with the filming of 'Don't Worry Darling'. And was not around the house much.

Ericka claims when Olivia started dating Harry, the latter was not available for her children. And Ericka had to fill in the void space of a mother figure for them.

Even then Ericka was a patient listener to Jason, who was worried about his strained relationship with Olivia. 

Eventually, Ericka started woking after hours and all the house tension got on her nerves. Ericka allegedly began experiencing anxiety and stress.

When Ericka made the information known to Jason, the latter became erratic and fired Ericka.

Ericka claims that the termination of her employment was unfair and unlawful under many rules of the California state. And she is suing both the parents for huge damages.

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