Oscars 2023: Andrea Riseborough Controversy Explained


Andrea Riseborough is called "chameleon" by the industry due to the diverse roles in her repertoire.

However, recently, her Academy Awards nomination for the indie film 'To Leslie' came under fire due to rigged campaigning.

It was released at the 'South by Southwest' film festival in 2022. She did not bag any nominations for major awards. Academy overlooked the actors like Danielle Deadwyler for her.

Andrea's manager constructed a PR campaign getting major players in Hollywood on board to boost her Oscars chances.

Gwyneth Paltrow posted an Instagram story praising Andrea and wishing that she should win all the awards that are out there.

Charlize Theron had a private screening for the film saying that experiences like 'To Leslie' are getting extinct.

The Academy Awards launched a probe investigating campaigns including that of her. Bill Kramer, the CEO said that they will not rescind her nomination.

During an interview, Andrea said that such conversations are necessary and it has deeply impacted her.

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