Pamela Anderson Memoir: Shocking Revelations


Previous Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson's memoir-cum-book is bound to release on 31 January 2023. And the book has already started creating a buzz.

Sneek Peek information revealed from 'Love Pamela' has got social media attention on the former Playboy model's life.

In conversation with NPR's Ailsa Chang, Pamela shared stories from her past and her journey writing the book. Pamela confesses it was her sons who convince her to start writing.

In the book, Pamela talks of her trauma of being sexually molested as a child by her female babysitter. However, it was sex that helped Pamela win the power back in her life.

"I loved roleplaying. I could disconnect, be someone who wasn't me. Sex could be fun, fulfilling and imaginative," Pamela writes in her book.

"I love that because I love it when people underestimate me...I'm just going to show them that they're wrong."

Pamela reveals that she is now opening up with her mother with their relationship. Pamela's parents were alcoholis in an abusive relationship. 

On the same day of the book release, Netflix is also presenting a documentary on the Scooby-Doo actress of the name 'Pamela, A Love Story'.

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