Paris Hilton Kept Her New Baby A Secret From Her Family


Paris Hilton is currently one of the most well-known faces in the entertainment industry and she recently became the mother of another baby with Carter Reum.

However, it is surprising that her family was not well-aware of her surrogate pregnancy and after being featured in Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed about how she feels right now as a wife and mother.

While speaking to the publication, she said that she and Reum tried to keep the news of the baby a secret and this has also happened in the past.

Hilton mentioned that her life has been always public and she never had anything for herself. She added that she wanted to experience the entire thing by themselves.

When Hilton was taken to the hospital, she wore a brunette wing to hide herself from everyone and lied to everyone that she was having her house painted.

Everyone was surprised when she disclosed the news of the baby’s birth on social media, where she shared a picture of the baby holding her hand.

She said that she plans to have more babies and she currently prefers to keep her baby away from the spotlight and the baby’s name has not been disclosed so far.

Paris and Carter have kept their personal lives private and a second season of Paris in Love has been already confirmed. So we might get to see more of her personal life now.

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