Paris Hilton Reveals Strangers Abducted And Took Her To An Abusive Treatment Centre


Paris Hilton’s personal life has been on the spotlight for a long time due to different reasons. Now she has revealed a few more details that has created a lot of buzz online.

In an essay for The Times of London, Hilton said that she was about to be raped and murdered when she was a teen as she found a few men taking her away from home in handcuffs.

Hilton recalled that she was in the bed in the middle of the night and was taken to a series of residential treatment centers where she resided as a teen and revealed that she had to face a lot of physical, s*xual and emotional abuse.

She said that her parents who were watching her from the doorway had called the men to take her for therapy for her wild child antics.

Paris Hilton wrote in the essay that a man clamped a sweaty palm on her mouth and wrenched her head back and the other held up a pair of handcuffs.

Hilton wrote that she was taken to a school run by CDEU Educational Services, transferred to a wilderness program and then to Provo Canyon School in Utah.

She mentioned that she was subjected to an invasive cavity search and hours of screaming abuse by stuff and other patients and forced to cuddle those who had abused her in a giant and forced puddle called smooshing.

She tried to run away but was caught and she was then sent to a restrictive mountain wilderness program and then to Provo Canyon School.

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