Paris Hilton's Memoir Unveils Shocking Truths About Her Past


Paris Hilton’s memoir, titled Paris, was recently released and it has grabbed the attention of the internet for revealing the details about Hilton that remains unknown to the public.

Hilton revealed in the memoir that she was kissed and groomed by her 8th grade teacher and that it took a long time for her to understand that she was a victim.

Hilton nicknamed the teacher as Mr. Abercrombie and described him as handsome and young. She stated that the teacher had a crush on her and also gave her his phone number, asking her to keep their contact a secret.

The teacher used to call her at night and talk to her for hours, saying how special and intelligent she was. There was a time when the teacher also went to Hilton’s residence where he kissed her.

While her parents caught them in the car, the teacher blamed Hilton and asked her why did she made her do it and the situations took a worse turn.

Hilton’s parents sent her to live with her grandmother in France but it took her a long time to mentally confront the traumatic experience.

Hilton disclosed a few other details including an incident where she was drugged and raped at the age of 15 and was also pressurized to film a sex tape with Rick Salomon.

Paris Hilton’s story brings the issue of grooming into the spotlight which is a way of building an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust and lower their inhibitions.

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