Penn Badgley Reveals Ex Blake Lively Saved Him From Substance Abuse


Penn Badgley is being praised for his performance in the fourth season of You and he has recently credited his former partner Blake Lively for saving him from substance abuse.

He recalled his mental condition during the filming of Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2012 while speaking to Variety on February 15.

Penn said that he did not want to be on TV at the time and had to face some trouble while he was trying to portray Dan Humphrey.

However, the character also made him popular among the audiences and at the same time, he was in a live-in relationship with Blake Lively.

Penn Badgley explained that it was the darkest phase of his life and while he was questioned if it had any links to substance abuse, he dismissed the claim.

Badgley mentioned that the reason why he did not become a victim of substance abuse is because he was in a relationship with someone who kept him away from it.

He added that he never had to battle with substance because Lively never had a habit of drinking and their relationship saved him from forcing him to go down that road.

Badgley is well-known for his appearance as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix series, You. He has been featured in other films like Drive-Thru and John Tucker Must Die.

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