Pink Claps Back After She Was Accused Of ‘Shading’ Christina Aguilera


Pink has recently expressed her frustrations with Twitter users who claimed that she has been protecting Christina Aguilera in a recent interview.

She responded to the trolls in a tweet where she wrote that everyone is mad and that she is not protecting anyone by repeating that it happened.

The response is linked to the controversy that has been created by the comments she made about filming the video of Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalad.

While speaking to BuzzFeed UK recently, Pink ranked Lady Marmalade in the last position of 12 of her most iconic music videos.

She said that it was not fun to make and that Kim and Maya were nice, which was reference to her and Christina’s two other collaborators on the song.

Pink also answered a fan’s criticism in a tweet and said that she has kissed Christina’s mouth and she does not need to do anything else.

Aguilera even revealed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2019 that she and Pink almost ended up kissing as they were playing Spin the Bottle at a club.

Pink is well-known for her albums like Can’t Take Me Home, I’m Not Dead, Trustfall and more and has also appeared in a few films.

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