Pokemon's Ash Ketchum Finally Becomes World Champion

Ash had his biggest moment in the Japanese cartoon, Pokemon as the ten year old becomes Worlds greatest Pokemon Trainer. 

In the recent episode of Pokemon Ultimate Journey's: The Series, Ash's Pikachu defeated Leon's Charizard. It was the final battle between the two Pokemons in the Pokemon World Coronation Series Masters Eight Tournament. 

In the orignal series that aired in 1997, Ash had left his town Pallet with the dream of becoming World's Greatest Pokemon Trainer. After twenty five years of adventures, Ash has finally accomplished his childhood dream.

In previous years Ash's lady luck wasn't supporting him as he lost every Championship. Up until now he only ranked as Top 16 trainer.

The final fight between Pikachu and Charizard spanned for four episodes of "Pokemon Ultimate Series".

The offical Twitter account of the anime series congratulated Ash by writing, "He's done it! Ash has become a World Champion". 

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