Pop Culture Moments Of 2022 We Are Thankful For!

Pop Culture Moments Of 2022 We Are Thankful For!

Decline of Kanye West:          For the rapper, the year was not a great one at all! His estranged wife confirmed the divorce with him. Since then, he has been spiraling. He harassed mother of his children defaming her in public. Later, in October, he came under a lot of fire for his anti-semitic comments leading to brands like Balenciaga, Adidas pulling out the plugs on deal and the much needed industry boycott.

Wordle:          One of the best things to become a sensation was the New York Times based game 'Wordle'. It changed the routines of people opening the game for the exhilaration in the morning. It was developed by Josh Wardle  and has 2.7 million players.

 Kendall Jenner Cucumber Moment:       One of the best moments that entertained and amused us was the Kendall Jenner cucumber moment. In the fourth episode of  'The Kardashians', Jenner tries very hard to hold a knife let alone cut a cucumber. For Halloween, she made fun of herself wearing a cucumber costume.

Blake Lively Met Gala Outfit: At the Met Ball 2022, Blake Lively was the best dressed person. She wore a customized Versace's long, bedazzling gown with a copper-like bow. When she untied the bow, she unveiled a copper toned gown with important New York architectures on it. She paid her tribute to the patina of the Statue of Liberty.

Hugh Jackman Reviving His Wolverine Character: It was a fanfare when Hugh Jackman announced that he will come back as Wolverine in 'Deadpool 3'. In a video, Ryan asked Hugh if he wants to play Wolverine again. Jackman casually said yes, and the internet broke!

 Harry Styles Created History At Madison Square Garden:        Harry Styles came out with an album in 2022 titled 'Harry's House'. It created storm placing it at the Top position on Billboard 200 chart. But, when he did his residency at Madison Garden Stadium, he created history becoming the third artist to have his banner raised.

 Hailey Bieber And Selena Gomez Unites: One of the best moments to see Gomez and Hailey together at Annual Academy Museum's Gala debunking the rumors of feud. God bless 2022 for giving us this moment!

Euphoria Season 2:       2022 saw the unprecedented growth of Euphoria. The season 2 was the most iconic thing that arrived on television this year giving us many iconic moments. Hail Queen Maddy!

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