Possible Deaths To Expect In ‘Attack On Titan’ Final Season Part 3


'Attack On Titan' has been the talk of the anime community for quite a while now. It is gaining more and more popularity nowadays and more people are watching it. 

Hajime Isayama, the author of the manga, has written the manga wonderfully. One thing the fans however dislike is his tendency to kill characters that are fan favorites. 

Keeping that tendency in mind, fans are aware many characters might die in the final season. As a result, fans wish to know which deaths to expect in the final part. Read to find out. 

5) Hange Hange is one of the most popular and loved characters in the entire show. It is not out of Hange's personality to sacrifice herself for the greater good and fans are afraid of that.

4) Mikasa Mikasa Ackerman is one of the two surviving Ackermans. It is not a secret that Mikasa will do anything to save Eren and protect him. It is quite plausible that Mikasa might sacrifice herself trying to protect Eren.

3) Reiner Reiner has played a very important role in the show. He had the desire to die earlier but he did not go through with it. He has come quite close to dying in multiple situations and it will not be surprising if he dies. 

2) Levi Ackerman After his battle with Zeke, Levi was injured permanently.  As he is a hero by nature, Levi might volunteer to sacrifice himself in situations believing he would help the others more.ki.

1) Eren Yeager This death is the most likely to take place in the final season. In an attempt to stop Eren and the rumbling, the other characters of the show may have to make the hard decision of killing him

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