Prince Harry Talks About Trauma And Meghan Markle Saving Him


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shared a lovely relationship in all these years and Harry spoke about one best quality of his wife recently.

Harry expressed his gratitude towards Meghan for helping change his life while he spoke to trauma expert Dr. Gabor Mate on Saturday.

Harry said that his wife saved him and he was stuck in the world and that she was from a different world and helped to bring him out of that.

Harry also described Meghan as an exceptional human being and that his life would have been impossible without him seeing it for himself.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry added that it is hard to change and impossible to change others. He stated that a person must start with changing himself/herself and allowing that growth to happen.

Harry ended by saying that he is grateful for the wisdom and the space which he got in his life, all thanks to Meghan Markle.

Harry also said that he needed a push and a moment where he was scared of losing everything. He mentioned that they had their own issues with their families.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship has been trending following the release of Harry’s memoir Spare and there have been reports of them not being invited to King Charles’ coronation.

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