Prince Harry Called Camilla "Villain" Ahead Of The Release Of 'Spare' 


Prince Harry shot back at Queen Consort Camilla in his fiery interview with Anderson Cooper for CBS' '60 Minutes'.

Ahead of releasing his autobiography 'Sparse,' he made more shocking revelations about Camilla.

Prince Harry called her a "villain," deeming her dangerous for the British Royal family.

Although they wanted their father to be happy, Prince Harry and William urged Charles III not to marry Camilla following Diana's death.

He also told the '60 Minutes' host that Camilla's need to rehabilitate her image in the media made her dangerous.

Prince Harry believed that Camila could trade information with the media for better tabloid coverage.

Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' was released on January 10, 2023. Since its debut, it has caused a worldwide stir.

Prince Harry could briefly return to the British Royal family for the Royal Coronation 

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