Prince Harry Is “Terrified” Royals Will Reveal His Secrets


Prince Harry has dropped several bombshells in various interviews and in his memoir ‘Spare.’

Along with Meghan Markle, Harry has said a lot of things about the Royals which isn't sitting well with everyone.

The Duke of Sussex is “terrified” that the royal family will leak his “deepest secrets” as an act of revenge.

The report says that “there have been countless reports about their anger over the situation, and one source says the royal family is so up in arms that they may strike back in retaliation.”

Prince Harry

An insider says: “It wouldn’t surprise Harry if the royals spilled some of his deepest secrets to the media.”

There are people in the institution who plan to “discredit Harry at any opportunity, especially now that he’s stood up to them.”

They still might get invited to King Charles’ coronation which is slated to take place in May this year.

However, the date of the coronation is clashing with the 4th birthday of his son Archie.

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