Harry And Meghan Evicted From Frogmore Cottage By King Charles


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being thrown out of the Frogmore Cottage after the controversial things that have cropped up following the release of Harry’s memoir Spare.

Prince Andrew will now be staying at Frogmore Cottage instead of the royal couple and for now, Meghan and Harry have not disclosed to where they are planning to shift.

Harry’s memoir Prince was released recently but it affected his relationships with the royal family as it revealed a lot of secrets that remained hidden.

According to a source for The Sun, the eviction is ending the time of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the UK.

The former royals are reportedly planning to get back whatever they have left in Frogmore which was gifted by Queen Elizabeth II to them.

The 5-bedroom house will be a huge upgrade for Prince Andrew who has been living at the Royal Lodge and it also has a pool.

A source for The Sun also said that Andrew may not shift to Frogmore so soon but for now, Harry and Meghan’s eviction is happening without any halt.

King Charles has reportedly removed Harry’s name from the list of those invited to the coronation ceremony and the reason has been the memoir.

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