Prince Harry Shares Weird Christmas Ornament Story In Memoir


Prince Harry has recently revealed about an incident that happened with him a long time ago back in 2020 on his recently released memoir, Spare.

The amusing incident happened during the Christmas Eve in that year where he along with Meghan Markle and their son Archie were checking the gifts.

Prince Harry soon discovered that Meghan Markle had gifted him a Christmas ornament which was a very surprising moment for him.

Meghan told him that he may like the present which was hung in the Christmas tree and Harry said that he was happy to see her there.

Harry explained that the gift made him and Meghan smile but things did not last long as their son shook the tree because of which the ornament fell down and broke into pieces.

Harry said that he heard the smashing sound and while the pieces were lying on the floor, he swept up everything and considered it to be a weird incident.

Harry disclosed that the Christmas ornament came up during a conversation with a psychic who said that his mother was with him during the session.

Harry mentioned that he wanted a proof of everything and the psychic then claimed that his mother spoke about the ornament.

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