Prince Harry Sues Tabloid For Defamation, Attempts To Avoid Going To Trial


Prince Harry and his legal team has requested a judge to rule in favor of him in a defamation case that has been brought against the publisher of Mail on Sunday.

Harry also charged Associated Newspapers Ltd. of libeling him with an article about his legal battle for security in the U.K.

During a hearing at the High Court in London, Harry’s lead attorney asked Judge Matthew Nickin top strike out the publisher’s defense or to deliver a summary judgment, which would be a ruling in the prince’s favor without going to trial.

According to lawyer Justin Rushbrooke, the facts did not support the publisher’s substantive pleaded defense that the article expressed an honest opinion.

Harry claimed Mail on Sunday’s implication that the Duke of Sussex lied in his initial statements regarding the security lawsuit libeled him.

Nickin ruled in July 2022 that the article was defamatory, allowing the case to proceed and the judge has not yet considered issues like if the story was accurate or in the public interest.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped back from their senior royal roles in 2020, they along with their children lost their publicly funded U.K. security.

Prince Harry has been on the headlines for a long time following the release of his memoir titled Spare alongside his appearance at the coronation ceremony of King Charles.

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