Prince Harry Wants Apology Before He Commits To King Charles Coronation


Prince Harry is reportedly asking for an apology from his father King Charles III and brother, Prince of Wales before he decides to attend the coronation in May this year.

The situation between Prince Harry and the rest of the members of the royal family is still icy and that issues are still active between family members.

Harry has also refused to speak on anything regarding his presence at the coronation on May 6, 2023 until his father and brother come and talk to him.

While speaking to ITV earlier this year and before the release of Spare, Harry stated that the ball is in their court but the door is still open for reconciliation.

The Times reported that according to a source, Harry is trying to get an apology from Charles and William, but another stated that the royals do not believe that an apology is owed.

The Duke and Duchess are possibly getting an invitation for the coronation and according to a source, it will not be wrapped in an apologetic bow.

A few reports state that Harry might attend the coronation without Meghan, who will stay in California to celebrate the fourth birthday of their son Archie.

Other reports mention that William is possibly not ready to talk to his younger brother and he is worried that Harry might overshadow the event and use it for a stunt.

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