Prince Harry's Lawsuit Against The British Government Could Prove To Be An Expensive Affair 


The Duke of Sussex's court battle against the British Government could foot him an expensive legal bill. 

Prince Harry sued the U.K. Home Office for not providing him with Metropolitan Police bodyguards during trips to Britain.

If Prince Harry loses, he's looking at a whopping legal bill of more than $360,000. 

In the event of a victory, Prince Harry gets to have his specially trained police personnel funded from his pocket.

Attorney Mark Stephens of the U.K. law firm Howard Kennedy told Newsweek that chances of Prince Harry winning the lawsuit are "unlikely."

There's currently no legal precedent in Britain that requires to pay for police protection, which is what Prince Harry is willing to fight in court.

Being stripped of the royal bodyguards, Prince Harry and his  family have left exposed to danger to  trips to Britain.  

The lawsuit could expose the internal politics of the Royal protective services and risk the personal and collective safety of the Royal family members.

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