Prince William Gives An Incredible Gift To His Alleged Mistress, Rose Hanbury?


The British Royal Family has been in the headlines for a long time following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, succession of Prince Charles and a memoir published by Prince Harry.

There have been reports in the last few days that have been pointing to problems cropping up between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

A few other sources have revealed that Prince William spent his Valentine’s Day with Rose Hanbury, who is reported to be his mistress.

Some pictures of Hanbury has also gone viral where she was spotted and she seemed to be close to Middleton. William and Rose were also photographed together at a party back in 2019.

This is the reason there were claims at a time stating that the prince was not faithful to his wife when she was pregnant for the third time.

This led to a chaos in the palace and Kate requested her husband to remove her from his friends who have been his closest for a long time.

The UK press reported that William and Hanbury had dinner together and were also seen at an Italian restaurant in London.

A waiter at the restaurant said that William also gave a pearl necklace to Rose. Rose has been linked to British Royal Family for a long time and tied the knot with seventh Marquess of Cholmondeley, David Rocksavage, in 2009.

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