Prince William Is More Irate Than Ever With Harry, Royal Source Claims.


The crack between the royal family and Prince Harry widened even more with the release of his memoir ‘Spare’. In his memoir, Harry has no holds barred approach and has revealed many distressing details about his life in the royal family.

He has went into detail about the impact his mother’s death had on him and how for the first ten years he felt as if his mother was in hiding, not dead. 

He has also disclosed personal particulars such as how he and his brother were against the marriage of Charles and Camilla but welcomed her into their family.

He also wrote about his altercation with his brother Prince William over his relationship with Markle, wherein his brother grabbed him and knocked him out.

The release of the book has not only severed Harry’s relation with the UK public but also fractured his relation with his brother Prince William.

The memoir and various secrets released by his brother has angered Prince William, according to the royal family sources.

According to the journalist Dan Wootton, the memoir has almost ended the brother’s relationship. He also added that, “The Prince of Wales still cannot fathom the vicious intent behind his brother's book, which he believes marks the end of their relationship forever.”

With the new king’s coronation fast approaching, the public expects there to be fireworks among the royals as Prince Harry will be attending the event beside Prince William to support his father’s coronation.

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