Princess Diana's Butler Says Prince Harry's "Lost The Plot"


Prince Harry opened a can of worms with his memoir ‘Spare.’ In his book, Harry has made several revelations in regard to his life and the British Royal family.

But not everyone is happy with Harry or Meghan Markle talking about the Royals in that fashion.

Paul Burrell, the former footman to Queen Elizabeth II and late Princess Diana’s butler, said that the Duke of Sussex has “lost the plot”.

“Why did he call me ‘Mummy’s Butler?’ Why couldn’t he have asked, come to me personally and said he wasn’t happy with the situation?”, Paul said.

Prince Harry

He added that his mental well-being has “taken a bashing” since the book’s release, and asked whether Harry considers “the mental health of anybody that he writes about”.

I’ve always defended [Harry] down to the last minute and now I’m thinking, ‘Harry, you’ve lost the plot,’” he said.

What’s happened? There’s been a shift in that young man, he’s changed and I’m saddened by it.”

Paul was a close confidant of Princess Diana and she once called him her “rock”. She died in a car accident in 1997 in Paris. Burrell later went on to write two books about his experience of working for her.

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