Priscilla Presley Contests Lisa Marie Presley’s Will For Invalid Signature


Priscilla Presley has contested “the authenticity and validity” of Lisa Marie Presley’s will.

Lisa Maria Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley who recently passed away. Priscilla Presley, 77, flied a report in Los Angeles Superior Court challenging a “purported 2016 amendment” to the will.

Priscilla asked a judge to determine the validity of the amendment, which named Lisa Marie’s eldest daughter, Riley Keough, and her late son, Benjamin Keough, as successor co-trustees.

After her brother Benjamin died of sucide in 2020 , Riley Keough is the  sole trustee of Lisa's will.

In the court filing, Priscilla claims she and Siegel were first named co-trustees on Jan. 29, 1993, when Lisa Marie “executed a revocable living trust, which she amended and completely restated on Jan. 27, 2010.”

According to Priscilla the new amendment was dated March 11, 2016 which she claims is a forged one.

Priscilla alleges in the docs that her daughter’s signature on the 2016 document “appears inconsistent with her usual and customary signature,” further arguing that Lisa Marie’s name had even been spelled wrong.

She also claimed that the document was never notarized, and had not been delivered to her during Lisa Marie’s lifetime, as laid out in the terms of the 2010 trust arrangement.

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