Queen Consort Camilla's Cruel Nickname For Meghan Markle Revealed


Following Meghan Markle's departure to America, Queen Consort Camilla reportedly gave her a cruel nickname.

Tom Bower, the Royal biographer revealed that Camilla's nickname for Meghan was "Minx."

After Prince Harry left, Camilla reassured King Charles that, as a father, he had "done the best he could."

Generally "tight-lipped" about family issues, Camilla was suspicious of Meghan Markle from the start.

Tom Bower believes that Camilla questioned if Meghan was really willing to give up her career and settle with the Royal family.

King Charles calls Meghan "Tungsten" for her indomitable spirit. He admires the role of her daughter-in-law in Harry's life.

It remains unclear if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will participate in the Coronation ceremony of  King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The Royal Coronation ceremony will take place on May 6, 2023,  at Westminster Abbey.

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