Quentin Tarantino Slams Current Film Era

On his ‘The Video Archives Podcast‘, Tarantino said that the current movie era is tied with the 1980s and 1950s as “the worst in Hollywood history.”

Even though the ‘80s was the time that I probably saw more movies in my life than ever – at least as far as going out to the movies was concerned – I do feel that ‘80s cinema is, along with the ‘50s, the worst era in Hollywood history,” Tarantino said.

He further added, “Matched only by now, matched only by the current era!” The director also noted that “the [films] that don’t conform” are “the ones that stand out from the pack” currently.

Tarantino also named ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘ his best film ever made.

For years people used to ask me stuff like that,” he said. “And I would say something like, ‘Oh, they’re all my children.’ I really do think ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ is my best movie.”

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