Reason Why Henry Cavill Leave Netflix's 'The Witcher' 


Every booklover knows that a book is better than its adaptation. And there will always be something amiss when it comes to the screen. Henry Cavill also thinks so.

And this need to strictly stick to the source material is what led to  the writing staff of 'The Witcher' series to become Cavill's enemies. 

As per recent reports, it has been said that the 'Man Of Steel' actor wants the source material to be rightly followed. 

'The Witcher'  is the original adaptation of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher series.  Cavill wants the writers to  adhere to this material. 

The audience viewership numbers clearly shows the success of the show. The first season was the most viewed series in the US market. 

Obviously there are times that the writers of the show have drifted away from the source material. This led to a beef between Cavill and the writers..  

According to Recap Focus, the actor and writers did have a fallout.  Also one  of the former writers claims that the writers were in full agreement that they disliked the source material.  

This disagreement must have been one reason for the actor leaving The Witcher franchise. 

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