Remembering Lisa Loring, The Original Wednesday Addams

BY Rishita Roy Chowdhury

Lisa Loring, who played the role of young Wednesday Addams on the first screen adaptation of ‘The Addams Family’ series in the 1960s, has died.

Her daughter Vanessa Foumberg confirmed the heart-breaking news of her passing. Loring’s cause of death was a stroke. She was 64.

Vanessa, her daughter said in a statement about her death, “She went peacefully with both her daughters holding her hands.”

Loring was just five years old when she starred in the TV adaptation of Charles Addams’ cartoons – playing the macabre Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday, with all her gothic quirks, is still one of the most popular characters in cinematic history.

In her career, Loring also appeared in ‘As the World Turns’, ‘Blood Frenzy’, ‘Iced’, and ‘Savage Harbor’.

In the ‘80s, she had a stint as a makeup artist on adult film sets. She used the name ‘Maxine Factor’ for this job.

Loring was married thrice, but in the end, her support were her two daughters - Marianne and Vanessa.

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