Rihanna Opens Up About Her Personal Life As She Appears On Vogue Cover


Rihanna has gained recognition for being a well-known face in the entertainment industry in all these years and equally, her personal life has also been given the same importance.

She has always tried to save her son’s privacy and while she is expecting another kid, she has spoke about keeping her son out of the spotlight.

In an interview with British Vogue, she recalled a time when she spotted the paparazzi in the distance while they were trying to click the pictures of her baby.

She said that it is a thing that no one wants to happen and they get to decide as parents about when and how they would like to do the same.

Rihanna mentioned that she would like to be thrown away to the wolves and that she has been protecting her son for so long and she does not want to post or sell the pictures of her kid.

The singer mentioned that she immediately entered the protective mode and left the spot while the others were shooting to discuss a plan of action with Rocky.

She added that she and Rocky went to the trailer and sat in the car speaking and working on what they should do next and that they feel like violation as parents.

Rihanna later shared a video on TikTok and speaking about her experience during her first months as a mother, she described it as legendary.

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