Rihanna Was Not Paid For Her Super Bowl Performance


Rihanna’s recent performance at the Super Bowl has raised quite a few eyebrows on the internet. But a new information has brought her to the limelight again.

A new report has revealed that Rihanna performed at the event without getting paid. But there is also a reason behind the same.

The information available right now has revealed that all the artists who perform the headlining act do not get paid.

According to an NFL spokesperson who spoke to Forbes in 2016 said that they do not pay the artists and that they cover expenses and production costs.

NFL vice president of communications Brian McCarthy spoke to Newsweek and said that the league covers the expenses linked to the show.

Brian’s statement also mentioned that the artists do not get an appearance fee but that they are paid union scale which is a minimum wage guaranteed by a union contract.

Rihanna’s performance has already gone viral on the internet and audiences saw that she used compact from her Fenty Beauty brand for her makeup.

Rihanna completed her look with a new liquid lipstick called the MVP which was also launched during the halftime through online mediums.

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