Romanian Judge Explains Andrew Tate's Extended 30 Day Detention


Andrew Tate’s detention has been recently extended for 30 days by a Romanian judge. There are some serious charges imposed on Tate.

The judge explained the dangers that come with Andrew and his brother Tristan in terms of their ability to target women.

The judge even pointed to something he called their capacity and attempt to impose permanent psychological control over the victims including by resorting to constant acts of violence.

The comments were offered in a written statement from a court in Bucharest where the judge mentioned the reasons behind the extension.

The Tates will stay under police custody for another 30 days and investigations about rape and human trafficking are currently ongoing against them.

The judge mentioned the brothers’ ability to spot vulnerable victims and point to them as culprits instead of traffickers who earned a lot by exploiting them.

The statement also spoke about the behavior common with the loverboy method used by traffickers to lure women into the sex industry for profits.

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