Royal Family told to "seek peace" with Meghan and Harry amid Coronation

Written By Khevna Shah

King Charles' coronation will take place in less than three months, but will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be invited ?

But before the historic coronation, the Royal Family has been urged to be wise and  seek peace with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

With the release of the docu-series and Prince Harry's memoir- Spare has created distress within the Royal Family.

It is still unclear to whether Meghan and Harry will attend the ceremony if invited?

The shocking and  suprising allegation against the Royal Family in the docu-series has created a rift in the Family.

According to reports, King Charles asked Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to negotiate a deal for his youngest son Prince Harry to attend his coronation.

Ever since their exist from the Royal Family the  couple has maintained  a low profile.

However, it is being suggested by the advisors that the Royal Family make amends with Harry and Meghan before King Charles' coronation.

Althought it is still unclear on who is invited or will attend the most awaited coronation of King Charles.

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