Sam Asghari Refutes Britney Spears' Meltdown Claims


Spears has been struggling with her life and her mental health for a while. 

Despite all the hardship, she tied the knot with Sam Asghari in 2022. He has stood by her no matter what.

It was recently reported that Spears suffered a meltdown and was “talking gibberish” at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

The report also stated that Britney’s behavior upset Sam who had to “storm out” of the restaurant without her.

Asghari took to his Instagram Stories to defend his wife and wrote, “Don’t believe what you read online people.”

A video taken by an eyewitness contradicts media reports. It simply shows the singer hiding her face with a menu card while people try to film her.

An employee at the restaurant has said, “The disruptor wasn’t Britney, it was the diner who taunted her by taking a video without consent.”

They said that she “was understandably upset” and Asghari “only left briefly to get their car, but he did not storm out.”

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