Sam Worthington Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction And Struggle With Fame 

Naveena Prasad M

Recently in an interview with Variety, Sam Worthington opened up about his struggle with alcohol abuse and fame.  

The Australian actor was less famous until his role in the first Avatar movie in 2009.  His rise in fame contributed to his alcoholism.

As Avatar became a huge hit, the actor also became famous. then he had a couple of other hits including Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans.

The actor said that he would start drinking in the morning and even have four or five glasses of champagne before a flight. 

It was his wife, Lara Worthington whom he married in 2014, that  first took notice of the situation.  And she gave him an ultimatum. 

The actor confided that he was an "emotional drunk" and got belligerent and petulant as he drank.

Worthington also pointed out that drinking was related to the Australian culture and he never felt it to be abnormal to drink through the day.  

In 2014, the actor was arrested for punching a photographer. Sam shared that he would become very anxious if someone approached him for photographs. 

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