Sarah Michelle Gellar Recalls McDonald's Suing Her At Age 5


Sarah Michelle Gellar was involved in a legal issue when she was only five years old and the news has grabbed a lot of attention online.

In an interview with Buzzfeed UK, she spoke about a Burger King commercial where she appeared a long time ago before portraying the role of Buffy Summers.

She said that she did a huge campaign for Burger King at the age of five and because she mentioned the name of McDonald’s, they sued her along with others.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s did not respond. Gellar responded by saying that she just wanted to do the commercial and was excited because her mother said that she can have the burger.

Gellar revealed that while the companies create the commercial, they stick the seed to make it look perfect and they shellac and paint it.

In an interview with Sunday Express in 2004, Gellar said that she was not allowed to eat at McDonald’s following the lawsuit filed.

She said that things were tough for her because as a kid, McDonald’s is a place where people celebrate birthday parties and she missed a lot of apple pies.

The 45-year-old made her acting debut with the film An Invasion of Privacy and gained recognition for her performances in Swans Crossing, All My Children and more.

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