School Shooting Survivor Brings Katy Perry To Tears On 'American Idol'


American Idol has been on the spotlight for its auditions and flawless performances during the latest season that is currently on air.

Meanwhile, a victim of the Texas school shooting auditioned for the show recently which left all the judges in tears, including Katy Perry.

Named Trey Louis, he performed a rendition of Whiskey Myers’ single Stone which helped him to enter the next round. All the judges were impressed with his voice and they also got emotional when he spoke about the incident.

During the interaction, Louis revealed that a gunman walked into his school and was shot up in art room 2 before making his way to art room 1.

Katy Perry ended up in tears and she started crying and said that the country has failed everyone. She told Louis that he had to perform on the show because he loves music and not because he has been a victim of the incident.

Perry said Louis that he did not have to lose eight friends and she hopes that Louis reminds everyone that they have to change because even she is scared.

While speaking to ABC, Louis said that he discovered his passion towards singing when he went viral on TikTok a year ago.

Louis was a mattress salesman in the past and he said that it does not mean he get to shine a brighter light on his town and represent the friends he lost and that it is an honor for him.

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