Selena Gomez Responds To Feud Rumors With Kidney Donor Francia Raisa


Selena Gomez and Francia Rasia are seemingly working on their problems after they shaded each other online in the past.

While speaking in an interview for Dear… on Apple TV+, Gomez praised Raisa for selflessly donating her kidney in 2017 amid the singer’s battle with lupus.

Gomez recalled that she needed a transplant and that she got a match in only three days and that it was one of the moments she felt watched over. She added that she felt lucky at the time.

She continued by saying that she will never be more in debt to a person other than Francia. She stated that the idea of someone not even second0guessing to be a donor was very overwhelming.

The pair seems to be in good contact with each other now after having a feud back in November 2022 and it happened when Gomez described Taylor Swift as her only friend in the industry.

The comment did not go down well with Rasia and she wrote “Interesting” under an Instagram post highlighting Gomez’s quote.

Rasia later clarified that she did not mention everyone she knew on a TikTok video which explained the feud that was being reported everywhere.

Following the release of Selena’s documentary My Mind and Me, fans spotted that Raisa unfollowed Gomez on Instagram after being left unnamed in the film.

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