Selena Gomez Shuts Down Haters With Stunning Makeup-Free Selfies


Selena Gomez has recently posted two no-makeup selfies on Instagram where she flaunted her natural beauty to her millions of followers.

The singer was posing in a black zippered tank with her hair cascading over one shoulder. She also gave a shoutout to Miley Cyrus’ music in the caption, referencing her single, Violet Chemistry.

Cyrus then replied with a red heart emoji but other celebrities and fans continued to compliment Selena Gomez for her fresh and new look.

Gomez has not shared makeup free selfies for the first time on social media and has posted similar pictures showing off her natural curls last month.

The sharing of the pictures comes after Gomez took a break from social media in between the drama that has been active with Hailey Bieber for a long time.

Bieber’s social media posts were also seen as subtle digs at Gomez, leading to backlash and problems between both of them.

As she has shared these no makeup selfies, Gomez has also shown the world that beauty comes in different forms and confidence and self-love are the ways to feel beautiful inside and out.

Gomez had once said that she does not think she is beautiful unless she is happy and that although it sounds cliché, it is true.

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