Seth Rogen Explains Why He Won’t Revisit 'Freaks & Geeks'

Seth Rogen was known for his appearance on Freaks & Geeks but the show was canceled after it aired for only one season.

Although the show’s cancelation was shocking news for everyone, audiences have been eagerly waiting for the revival of the series.

As fans have been questioning the revival, Rogen has recently responded to the same saying that no one would do a revival and it would be a better option to not revisit it.

Rogen confirmed that because the show received a positive response, tampering with it via a revival might entirely ruin it.

Reunions have been very common in all these years and especially in terms of shows that have received a decent response from the audiences.

However, a reunion is not confirmed for now. The show aired back in 1990 and reports stated that there was some conflict between the creators and NBC which led to the cancelation of the show.

Rogen has a few upcoming projects in his hand that include Mufasa: The Lion King where he will voice the character of Pumbaa followed by the comedy-drama film, Dumb Money.

Rogen is well-known for his performances in various TV shows and films and is also the executive producer of The Boys and Invincible, airing on Amazon Prime Video.

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