Shakira Builds A Wall To Separate Her House From Pique's Parents


Shakira has recently established a wall between the house of herself and former husband Gerard Pique to separate both the properties.

The news was revealed when a TV camera saw a cement mixer working in Shakira’s residence in Barcelona and this is also an attempt to bring a line between the former couple.

The latest development comes after Shakira was involved in several conflicts with Pique and his parents in the last few weeks.

Recently, a black mannequin facing Pique’s parents’ house was put on the terrace and Pique’s mother reportedly asked it to be removed.

Reports also say that Shakira’s new song is being played loudly inside her residence and the sound can be heard next door.

Shakira’s new single is reported to be aiming at Pique and his new partner, Clara Chia Marti. Pique and Chia Marti recently entered into a new relationship.

A video has recently gone viral which was recorded in 2012 and Shakira was seen slamming the style advice given by Pique’s mother.

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