Shakira's new viral tiktok dance on Song roasting Ex Gerard Pique goes viral


The Shakira-Gerard social media battle has been going on now for over a week. 

The Colombian singer released a track that dissed her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Pique and his current girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Today, Shakira posted a new Tik Tok where she choreographed the single with a dance group.

The dance group is Bella Dose whose members are- Natalia Palomares, Anne Ten and Elena Marin.

Shakira and the group appear to dance in a gym to the melody and lyrics.

The video was uploaded on TikTok and Instagram and the media platform attracted 80 million and 40 million views respectively.

Shakira does know how to entertain her fans while getting back at their former partners.

Gerard started dating Clara soon after his split with Shakira. The footballer has even reportedly paid for Clara's cosmetic surgery.

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